Welcome to Discourse

This is a forum for first-level support for JudgeApps and all MagicJudges.org properties. It’s a place to get help from fellow judges and discuss issues with the developers before filing a formal bug report. Use the search function before posting a new topic. Questions and bug reports about any of the technology sphere projects are on topic here. JudgeApps account required to log in. Judge Code of Conduct applies.

The JudgeApps developers and admins have always used a private bug tracker to manage our work on the site. We’ve discussed opening that bug tracker more widely, but it isn’t currently practical to do so. In the mean time, we wanted a better way for users with questions about the site to interact with us (and each other). Posting in a topic here will hopefully reach a wider audience than emailing one person regarding their feedback, while being a lower-effort, less formal (and less disruptive) event than sending out a global announcement.

  • Bug reports can be posted here, but please search first. This gives us an opportunity to collect information from many users in one place, to ask for more details, or to discuss possible workarounds. Once a bug report is confirmed, one of the developers will record it on our internal bug tracker. We’ll also come back with an update when the issue has been fixed. Security issues should be sent to our private security list by selecting “Security Bug Report” on our feedback form.

  • Feature requests are also on topic here, with a higher bar before we agree to actually implement the feature. JudgeApps is managed by a surprisingly small group of volunteer developers, all of whom have their own jobs and lives. So we prefer to look at feature requests as user stories - “I need to do X for this reason, and I can’t”, instead of “create a button that does X” - and don’t be surprised if our first response is a suggestion that differs from your proposed solution. We’re trying to solve your problem, and giving you an alternate suggestion is often a solution that will get to you much sooner than one that requires code to be written, documented, tested, reviewed, and deployed.

  • General questions are great for this site. JudgeApps doesn’t have very good documentation (there’s some at https://blogs.magicjudges.org/judgeapps/, but we never really did a great job of organizing that), and I’m sure there’s some question you’ve had about one of the features on the site. Next time, ask it here instead of emailing one of the developers directly. We’ll probably answer just as quickly, but now your question and answer will be available to anyone else who has the same question.

This site is primarily for feedback and discussion about JudgeApps, Judge Blogs, and MTGJudge Chat. Those are the main properties that we work on and know about, and they’re the only ones that we’re explicitly supporting here. If you have a question about something related, feel free to ask it - but we might redirect your question elsewhere if we deem it too far off topic.

This also isn’t the place to ask us to do something specific to your account - contact your Regional Coordinator if your level is incorrect, or our Account Assistance team if you can’t login, need your DCI number or username changed, or want your account deactivated.

The Magic Judge Code of Conduct is in effect here, as this space (like JudgeApps itself) is directly connected to Magic and judging. Please keep discussions professional and respectful. We reserve the right to moderate any threads or posts at our sole discretion.