Region summary page - The list "Other Regional Projects" shows only project I am member of

  1. Enter a summary page of a region (for example

  2. Check the contents of the list “Other Regional Projects” down on the page.


The list displays only projects where the currently signed-in user is member of (public and private).

Make that JOIN a LEFT JOIN in the SQL. The list should show all public projects aligned to the region (+ projects which are not public and the user is member of).

Are you sure that there are projects missing? I only see three projects in total that are aligned to Europe - Central, there’s “Artykuły Sędziowskie (” (which is in the “Looking for Help” section), and the only other projects aligned to that region are projects that you’re a member of.

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the brainfart and spam. I have noticed only now that the other regional projects are not regional officially yet (i.e. not aligned to the Region).