Multi-choice Exam questions in other languages

At the end of the Multi-choice questions there always is “(Select all that apply)” in English independent of which language is selected for the Exam. Can we change that so it updates with whichever language is chosen? Or at least remove it from translated questions (then we will have to manually add this to all multiple choice questions but I already started doing that for German since we need this sentence there anyways.)
The German equivalent would be “(Wählt alle die möglich sind.)”

I know it’s weird, but that specific text is part of the JudgeApps user interface, not part of the exam question, so it’s translated based on your JudgeApps profile’s language setting. We have the text “Alle auswählen, die zutreffen.” currently set as the German translation of this text.

That is fine as well. So the problem comes from the user having their profile set to english and only the exam set to German then? that’s fine then I guess.