Moving Questions in between Exam types

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago but that must have got lost so I’ll try here again:

I have a quick question regarding moving questions in between tests. I am admin for Rules Practice and Policy Practice tests (and kinda Mod I guess for L1P, L1, L2P and L2). Is there an easy way for me to move questions between tests?

Right now I have a couple of question in Rules Practice (#1959 for example) that actually is a policy question and vice versa. When I go into edit in the drop-down for “attach to” I only have the Rules Practice. Under “Question Type” it gives me both Rules Question and Policy Question but that doesn’t change the association with the Rules Practice exam I guess.

Is there an easy way for me to move these or can that just be done by people with more rights?



You can’t move a question to a different exam type if it has ever been active. You would have to re enter the question, or possibly save as a new version and then try to change the exam type.

Oh, okay, I guess I’ll then just have to copy paste them manually and delete the wrong one afterwards. Thanks.