Comment on question not appearing


I received a notification that the following comment had been made:

As the question states that the error was caught in the draw step, which is part of the beginning phase and the ipg states under missed trigger, that we don’t ask the opponent to put triggers on the stack that happened earlier than the current phase (not step) of the previous turn, which was the same phase on the previous turn of this player, just a step later.

quote IPG: For all other triggered abilities, if the ability was missed prior to the current phase in the previous turn, instruct the players to continue playing.

However, after navigating to the question page linked above, I can’t see any comments on the question.

Users can delete their own comments. The user posting that comment likely noticed that their comment wasn’t accurate, and deleted it.

OK TY. Can mark this as resolved.

I saw this happen once last week and figured it was something like that, but a second occurrence had me worried. Glad to hear it’s nothing.