Avatars on this site

For some reason, it looks like your avatar from JudgeApps isn’t populated here when you first register, but it is when you log in. For example, both Yuval and I (who have logged in many times) have our JudgeApps avatars populated here, but new users seem to have the default generated “capital letter” avatar. Users are able to change their avatar to an uploaded image or back to the capital letter once the JudgeApps avatar has populated, if they prefer, but I don’t get why the JudgeApps avatar isn’t being populated on initial registration.

It might have something to do with the trust level.

It looks like my Avatar still hasn’t populated.

And then it populated as I posted that. It appeared for a split second as an N, then swapped to my picture.

My picture in my first post has updated, now, too.

This strengthens my belief that the trust level is involved.
Your trust level increases when you post, and that post might have increased your level so the portrait changed.

I’m guessing though :grinning: